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Road Ready RR1200B MKII Deluxe Turntable Case PRE-ORDER


The popular Road Read RR1200B MKIIs fit Technics and Pioneer DJ turntables. They are built tough for the rigors of professional touring and meet a demanding ATA300 quality rating. Featuring double-anchor industrial rivets, beefy, stackable ball corners, recessed industrial grade latches and handles and premium 3/8 vinyl laminated plywood construction.  Highly recommended.

The Road Ready RR1200B turntable case is the perfect protection for your valuable Technics SL-1200, Pioneer PLX-1000 or Audio-Technica LP-1240 turntable. Road Ready is fully committed to design the best flightcases to make sure that your equipment stays protected. The Road Ready RR1200B flightcase is a prime example. The case provides space for a SL-1200 turntable or a turntable with the same dimensions (fits most other turntables on the market). Thanks to the foam they have put in, the case is not only shockproof, but also isolates the turntable against possible subwoofer vibrations when you are performing. While performing, your turntable can remain in the Road Ready RR1200B flightcase and the cover can be put under the main case in order to create a higher plateau. So, ideal for situations where the DJ suddenly gets a table appointed which is way too low for the equipment.

Road Ready RR1200B Materials

The Road Ready RR1200B case has been made out of solid wood and has a robust aluminium profile. The ball corners are created in a way that makes it easy to stack everything and provide a better protection against for example shocks. Furthermore, the turntable case has been equipped with butterfly locks to close the cover properly and a handle to easily bring the case with you. In conclusion, protect your valuable turntable now with the Road Ready RR1200B turntable case!

Main Specification

* Stackable ball corners
* Handles: spring loaded
* Rubber feet
* Vinyl laminated Plywood
* Lifetime warranty
* Weight: 10 kg

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