Ableton Push 2 Control Surface for Ableton Live

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Ableton Push 2 is a Dedicated Pad Controller and Control Surface for Ableton Live with 64 Pads and Color LCD Display - Includes Ableton Live 9.5 Intro (Mac/PC)

Unlimited Control for Ableton Live

Ableton Push 2 makes music production with Ableton Live more powerful and intuitive than ever before, and with this Push 2 Live 9.5 Intro bundle, you"'ll start making music in no time. The Push 2 controller offers you a matrix of 64 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads surrounded by additional control tools that let you transition effortlessly between setting up your session, laying down individual grooves, and putting it all together into a final mix. A high-detail display lets you browse comfortably and stay on top of parameters, beat slicing, and more, so you never need to look at your computer, and thanks to the expanded possibilities of Ableton Live 9.5 Intro, making music has never been so much fun.


Ableton Push 2 with Live 9.5 Intro at a Glance:
Hands-on control enhances your workflow
Playable pads make music production easy
Sample and slice with total tactile control
Start out strong with Ableton Live 9.5 Intro


Hands-on control enhances your workflow
From the beginning, Ableton Live has been a musical playground that allows artists like you to create fully developed music from scratch, and Live 9.5 comes loaded with more instruments and production options than ever. Push 2 puts all of that potential right at your fingertips, allowing you to access the tools you need while keeping you locked into your creative workflow. A high-resolution color display surrounded by touch-sensitive encoders lets you move effortlessly from browsing devices and plug-ins to slicing up beats, tweaking virtual instrument parameters, and more. There"'s literally no need to look at your computer monitor when you"'re creating and performing with Push 2.


Playable pads make music production easy
For many of us here at Sweetwater who grew up with keyboards, Push 2 was the pad controller that finally won us over. When it comes to musical expression, this 64-pad matrix has most keyboards beat. You can create swells between individual notes just by applying pressure, and you can bend notes with the touch strip. Multicolor lighting even lets you keep track of key intervals and scales - a real bonus if you"'re used to a conventional keyboard. This same matrix makes triggering loops for improvised arrangements totally intuitive, and you can"'t beat these pads when it comes to laying down drum grooves. Best of all, you can switch between performing, developing new beats, and launching loops so fast that you"'ll never break your flow.


Sample and slice with total tactile control
Expanded sampling capabilities in Live 9.5 work seamlessly with Push 2 to make chopping loops and producing beats easier than ever. For starters, sampling in new beats is a totally streamlined process, and once you"'ve captured your material, slicing loops across the pads and creating new beats is a piece of cake. The full-color display lets you zoom in on specific details, and the conveniently positioned encoders make tweaking slices and warping samples intuitive. This makes Push 2 the perfect companion to the overhauled Simpler sample engine in Ableton Live 9.5.


Start out strong with Ableton Live 9.5 Intro
Ableton Live 9.5 Intro DAW software is the perfect way to get into making and performing music live with your computer. Whether you"'re a long-time recording pro or just getting into music production and digital DJing, Live 9.5 Intro has a world of flexible and creative options to offer you. With Live"'s non-linear Session view, you"'re naturally encouraged to write music and arrange loops in independent pieces and then experiment with your arrangements. MIDI control and automation are intuitive, plus Live 9.5 Intro comes loaded with great new options such as a redesigned Simpler sample engine for beat slicing and much more. It"'s a great way to discover the power of Push 2.


Ableton Push 2 with Live 9.5 Intro Features:

The ultimate controller for Ableton Live and a perfect companion to Live 9.5
High-res color screen provides detailed visual feedback and waveform display
Touch-sensitive encoders and additional controls provide complete access to Live
64-pad matrix for playing instruments, slicing beats, improvising with loops, and more
Velocity-/pressure-sensitive pads play like a sophisticated musical instrument
Select scales and see important integers directly on the pad matrix
2 footswitch inputs give you even more control options
Runs on USB power with optional external power for added illumination
Includes power supply, USB cable, and a full version of Live 9.5 Intro 

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