Pro-Ject Connect-It LS DS2 Audiophile Speaker Cable Set 3M (Pair)


Audiophile pre-configured speaker cable set

Solid Core technology - Made in EU - for maximum sound pleasure!

Connect-it-LS DS is a high quality speaker cable, consisting of four 0,96mm² Solid Core conductors with circular array geometry. Each of the four conductors consists of high-purity oxygen free copper (HP-OFC). Manufacturing is done in a complex processing with a long cool-down period and accurate twisting of the single cores. Best possible purity of copper and dielectric guarantees a real reference cable design. Connect-it-LS DS is equipped with an elegant black braid and comes pre-configured with top-grade carbon banana plugs to ensure best connectivity.

In contrast to conventional litz speaker cables, where electrical, mechanical and magnetic interaction between single cores lead to distortion and sound degradation, Connect-it LS DS avoids all errors of this kind by using solid core-technology and best material. Pro-Ject Connect-it LS DS offers ultra-low distortion and a clear, open, homogenic and neutral sound presentation.

Hint "burn-in“: A special effect of interaction between conductor and dielectric in speaker cables is showing up, that often is described as "dry sound“. After a playing period the acoustic quality will loose this "dry“ character and be vivid and fluent. All high quality cables like "Connect-it LS DS“ will sound a lot better after a burn-in period, compared to totally new condition!


4 wire speaker cable
Solid core technology
High purity oxygen-free copper (HP-OFC)
Circular array geometry
Fullrange configuration
Low distortion level, neutral sound
Top grade carbon banana plugs
Exclusive black braid finish
Ideal in combination with Box Design components
Made in EU

Assembly: Solid-Core twisted
Conductor: High purity oxygen free copper
Gauge: 4 x 0.96 mm²
Dielectric: Polyethylen
Available as 2,0 / 3,0 / 4,0m

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