RZA PREMIUM Headphones w/ Active Noise Cancellation - Rare Limited Edition White

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RZA PREMIUM Headphones from WeSC with Active Noise Cancellation - Rare Limited Edition White Model

It’s extraordinary how a person can create – how that person’s mind, talent and ideas translate into melodies, lyrics, beats and soul that enable people to feel and experience life and life’s events differently.

A person, one person, whose ideas, heart and thoughts resonates to millions of individuals, independent of age, race, religion or background and in more forms than one – may it be music, film, the written word. It is extraordinary talent – and it makes what we call a legend.

WeSC proudly introduces a collaboration with a man that embodies all of this: RZA. RZA encompasses every single element of an icon. Creative. Intelligent. Dynamic. Talented. His impact and influence in music, culture, arts and film is immense and cannot be overstated. Even after crafting multiple masterpieces over two decades in various mediums, he doesn’t stop striving and creating.

Making ideas and creativity come to life. WeSC is incredibly proud to be working with a living legend like RZA and making great things happen. It’s a Superlative Conspiracy.

RZA Premium Headphones

Chambers by RZA Premium headphones feature Active Noise Cancellation with a 2-position rotation on/off switch, LED equalizer with lights that move to the beat of the music, a music sharing function enabling you to connect your headphones to your friends to share the music and experience.

Also with a 3-touch handsfree unit that controls music and video playback, allows you to adjust the volume with a simple click, answer and end calls and record voice memo’s on supported devices.

With moulded ear cushions, adjustable headband, foldable hinges for compact portability and storage and a specially designed mute-function, Chambers by RZA are an experience in its own. Your ears will never be the same.

Technical Specifications

* active noice cancellation, 2 position rotation on/off switch
* power lever led indicator, two position slide on/off
* music sharing function
* adjustable headband and moulded ear cushions for high level of comfort
* foldable hinges for compact portability and storage
* 3-touch handsfree unit
* accessories: hard case, twin plug airlie system adaptor, .25”/6.3cm screw plug, 2 x AA batteries
* type: 40mm power drivers
* active noise cancellation performance: nr up to 18 dB
* impedance: 32 Ohms
* frequency range: 20 - 20,000Hz
* 1kHz sensitivity: 110dB AT 1kHz 1mW
* maximum output power: 34mW
* connector plug: .125”/3.5mm gold-plated stereo
* detachable cable: 1.1m + 0.1m adaptor, including 3-touch handsfree unit
* alternate cable: 1.5m, including detachable.25”/6.3mm screw plug
* Weight: 260g
* compliances: CE, WEEE, RoHS, FCC

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