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With the QSC KW153 its efficient Class D power, smart DSP modes, and 3-way dedicated drivers for highs, lows, and midrange, 1000 watts never sounded so good

QSC has set the standard for powered PA loudspeakers with their industry-leading K series and KW series. With 1000 watts of room-filling sound and smart onboard DSP to help you get the most out of those watts, it"'s no wonder these PA speakers are huge hits. And the QSC KW153 loudspeaker is no exception. QSC KW153 make killer main PA speakers in high-SPL, long-throw applications. Pair them with subs in the corners of dance clubs. Set them up as side-fills on large stages. With these speakers in your rig, there aren"'t many gigs you can"'t handle. Each KW153 weighs 87 pounds, with handles placed at just the right height to make them portable.

Reinforce the Midrange with a Three-Way PA

The only three-way loudspeaker in QSC"'s K family, the QSC KW153 has dedicated drivers for high, mid, and low frequencies: a 1.75"" HF compression driver, a 6.5"" midrange cone, and a 15"" woofer for the lows. The KW153"'s 15-inch woofer cone digs down to a thunderous 35 Hz, while the dedicated midrange horn reinforces the real star of your mix: the vocals and instrumental solos. Since these speakers boast a frequency response all the way down to 35 Hz, you"'re that much less likely to require dedicated subs.

KW is for Kilowatt: 1000 Watts of Class D Power

Like the other loudspeakers in the QSC K and KW series, the QSC KW153 is a powered, active speaker with 1000 watts of lightweight Class D amplification. These speakers"' built-in Class D power amps employ QSC"'s Guardrail limiter to prevent destructive clipping distortion and woofer over-excursion, while a virtually silent internal fan turns on when the amp senses high temperatures -- making the KW153 truly robust.

DEEP Mode: Bigger Bass Output, Less Distortion

To get impressive bass output from 1000 watts, all Ks and KWs employ DEEP: Digital Extension and Excursion Processing. Flip the DEEP switch on the back of your QSC KW153, and this virtually transparent limiter kicks in to increase the average output of bass frequencies. Much more than just a low-frequency EQ boost, DEEP employs sophisticated DSP to identify and limit brief low-frequency transients while preventing distortion.

QSC KW153 Features

* 15” woofer; 6.5” midrange woofer; 1.75” diaphragm compression driver
* 75° Nominal coverage angle
* Maximum SPL 134 dB peak
* 1000-watt Class D power modules in all models (2 × 500 W continuous)
* Onboard mixer with two combo XLR and ¼” inputs, and stereo RCA inputs, (three audio input sources); two direct channel outputs and single summed balanced output
* Extensive DSP featuring DEEP™ and Intrinsic Correction™ enhances system performance
* DMT™ (Directivity Matched Transition) ensures uniform coverage across the entire sound field
* Rugged, texture-painted birch enclosures
* Four-position Mic/Line gain
* Tour-grade 16 gauge steel grilles
* Comfortable ergonomic handles
* 35 mm standard (non-tilt) pole socket
* M10 rigging points for suspended installation


QSC KW153 Specs

Configuration: 15 inch, 3 way trapezoidal  
- Low Frequency: 15 inch cone transducer
- Mid-Frequency: 6.5 inch mid range cone transducer
- High Frequency: 1.75 inch diaphragm compression driver
- Frequency Response (-6 dB): 35 Hz - 18 kHz
- Frequency Range (-10 dB): 33 Hz - 20 kHz
- Nominal Coverage (-6 dB): 75 degrees axisymmetric
- Maximum SPL (1 meter): 134 dB peak
- Power Output: 1000 watts Class D


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