Quest QA2004 Power Amplifier

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The new Quest QA2004 amplifier has been designed and engineered to a standard that takes it well into the upper register of high fidelity pro audio amplifiers. Like the models before it, thousands of hours of research and real world testing ensure the Quest QA2004 will live long in the tough world of permanent installation and touring. 

Features that Professionals Demand

The word ‘professional’ gets thrown around a lot these days. There is a base set of standards, without which no amplifier should be called “professional. Professionals look beyond a paint job and marketing spin to the design engineering and build quality. This is where the QA series sells itself.

Power for Today’s Systems

To suit the needs of today’s power hungry systems, the QA Series offers a wide choice of power levels. Despite the compact size, the Quest QA2004 features precisely designed and optimized power supplies, which are free of the switching distortion associated with many multi-stage circuits used in other compact amplifiers.

Engineered for a Hard Life

The Quest QA2004 amplifier is built to work hard in the tough environment of pro audio. Industrial spec multi-speed fans and generous heat sinks will keep the output stage cool when driven hard. Service and maintenance is easy as the internal architecture is laid out for easy access by a qualified technician.

Protect Your Speakers

Clean and stable power is the secret to long speaker life. A high current power supply and the generous quantity of high head room output devices are behind the exceptional bass response of the Quest QA2004 amplifier. If a possibility of system clipping exists, independent switch-able limiters will limit both PEAK and RMS power to prevent distortion of the output stage. It will not seriously affect audio quality but it will help protect your speakers.

Built to Last

The Quest QA2004 amplifier is manufactured to a standard accepted as desirable practice for a concert standard power amplifier. Heavy gauge cold rolled steel chassis, machined aluminium billet front, vibration proof fittings and an emphasis on over engineering guarantees years of trouble free service in demanding environments.

Electronic Insurance

Reliability is designed into the internal architec- ture, not just tacked on at the output. Short circuit, thermal, DC and current limiting protection are supported by a gain stage that is inherently stable into both inductive and resistive loads. For the non technical, this means that your amplifier’s sonic performance and reliability will not be degraded by multiple passive cross-over networks, often found in high powered mobile disco or live music applications.

Easy Service

Design and layout for easy service, not easy manufacture. A minimum of disassembly required for testing and maintenance means low operating costs and long life.

Quest QA2004 Features

1. Input Stage
Parallel XLR inputs and low noise gain stage, silent switch on/off circuitry reduces potential speaker damage in the event of intermittent power.

2. Power Supply
The high current power supply is manufactured to function reliably at high temperatures and well exceeds industry standards. This results in smooth bass response and considerable dynamic headroom.

3. Industrial Spec Fans
Dual heavy duty cooling fans guarantee long life of all electronic components.

4. Speakon Connections
International AES standard Speakon connectors wired for two channel and Bridge mono operation simplify speaker connections.

5. Limiter
A switchable high speed limiter acts as a final speaker protection but can be disconnected where sensing speaker system controllers are required.

6. Built in Switch-able X-overs
High and low pass filters on each channel make the versatile QA series even more flexible with a sub-mid/high frequency dividing network.

7. Selectable Gain Settings
Adjustable input switching for 1.4V, 32 dB or 26 dB make system calibration easy.

8. Easy Access Air Filters
User serviceable air filters are easy to maintain for trouble free operation.

QA 2004 Specifications

Rated Power Bridge Mode 4 Ohms: 1720 W @ 1 kHz at <0.1% T.H.D.

Rated Power (2 x 8 Ohms): 490 W per channel @ 1 kHz at <0.1% T.H.D. both channels driven

Rated Power (2 x 4 Ohms): 870 W per channel @ 1 kHz at <0.1% T.H.D. both channels

Rated Power (2 x 2 Ohms): 950 W per channel @ 1 kHz at <0.025% T.H.D. both channels driven

Net Weight: 21kg

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