AlphaTheta OMNIS-DUO Portable All-in-One DJ System w/ Bluetooth Audio Input

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Discover the OMNIS DUO by AlphaTheta Corporation: the future of private party entertainment. This compact, All-in-One (AIO) DJ system is designed to elevate intimate gatherings, allowing for unprecedented audience participation and musical customisation. With its versatile connectivity, including Bluetooth and traditional outputs, and a user-friendly interface, the OMNIS DUO ensures a seamless DJ experience. Its innovative design offers portability, durability, and up to 4 hours of battery life, making it the ideal choice for DJs looking to engage and unite audiences through music.

Easily slide the OMNIS-DUO into a good-sized backpack and carry it anywhere thanks to the compact size, modest weight, and rounded corners of the unit. The system’s 2-deck + mixer layout will look familiar to everyone and feel great when you’re DJing. And there are 2 modes for the touchscreen – Light and Dark – which you can instantly switch between so you’ll always be able to see the displayed information, even in bright outdoor settings.

Play for up to 5 hours without plugging into the mains. When it’s time to top up the power, you can connect the AC adapter or plug in a compatible power bank (45W or more) to the dedicated USB Type-C terminal. Need to keep the music going? Switching to Eco mode extends the life of the battery and the party. And if you combine the OMNIS-DUO with the new battery-powered WAVE-EIGHT speaker, which features ultra-low-latency SonicLink technology, you can enjoy wireless DJing for total freedom.

As the first-ever all-in-one DJ system to feature a Bluetooth audio output function, the OMNIS-DUO opens up brand-new possibilities. Whether you want to play on a campground, at the beach, or even connect to the sound system in a vehicle, there’s no limit to the places you can hold a party. And when the time comes to play in a venue like a bar, you can use the professional XLR output, while the RCA terminals are perfect for plugging in monitor speakers at home.

Never disappoint a friend again when they request a song. Instead, invite them to connect their phone to the OMNIS-DUO via Bluetooth function and you can drop the track into your set. Thanks to the system’s Bluetooth Playback function, you’ll have control of the audio on the deck. You can adjust the volume and EQ, apply effects to the sound, change the tempo, use Hot Cues, and scratch, just like you would with tracks loaded from a USB stick or SD card. With the OMNIS-DUO and Bluetooth audio input, you can enjoy collaborating with friends and expand your musical experiences.

Play your music from almost any source. USB Type-A drives and SD cards can be plugged straight into the OMNIS-DUO, as well as a PC/Mac via the USB Type-C terminal if you want to use rekordbox Performance mode. The Wi-Fi® function means easy access to tracks on a PC/Mac, smartphone, or the cloud without a wired connection (Available with Link Export and the CloudDirectPlay feature in rekordbox for Mac/Windows or rekordbox for iOS/Android). Support for Serato DJ Lite is coming this summer too.

The OMNIS-DUO looks at home everywhere you take it – from professional events to spontaneous outdoor parties. Its new indigo color is inspired by denim jeans, a classic and hugely versatile fashion item, and the unique curves of the unit create a sleek silhouette. The printing on the top plate is minimal too, helping to create a sophisticated look.


  • All-in-One (AIO) DJ system
  • Elevate intimate gatherings
  • Unprecedented audience participation and musical customisation
  • Engage guests in the music selection for a shared DJ experience
  • Bluetooth and traditional outputs
  • Bluetooth audio input for smartphone integration
  • Easily fits in DJ backpacks
  • Built-in battery for mobile performances
  • Dual-brightness touchscreen
  • Intuitive interface for effortless operation
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Capacity: 47.52 Wh (Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery)
  • Play time: Approx. 5 hours
  • Charge time: Approx. 3 hours
  • MIC × 2 (XLR & 1/4" TRS Jack, 1/4" TRS Jack)
  • LINE × 1 (Bluetooth [exclusive from output])
  • MASTER × 1 (XLR)
  • MASTER × 1 (RCA)
  • MASTER × 1 (Bluetooth [exclusive from input])
  • BOOTH × 1 (Combined use with RCA output)
  • HEADPHONE MONITOR × 2 (1/4" Stereo Phone Jack, 3.5 mm Stereo Mini Jack)
  • USB-A for thumb drive x 1
  • SD card x1
  • USB-C for PC/Mac control x 1
  • USB-C for power input (USB PD 45 W) x 1
  • Weight: 4.6 kg
  • Dimensions: 500 × 307 × 71 mm

Customer Reviews

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T Wood
Awesome product for mobile DJ

Fantastic controller for a really good portable setup. There are a couple of features that aren't on the controller yet like serato support and some small QOL features but these can hopefully be solved with an update. Battery lasts. 5.5 hours, touch screen is responsive, takes a bit of getting used to if you are coming from a controller and laptop. Will be 5 stars once music streaming is available and a few bug/features fixed and added.

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