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Chroma Caps - High Quality Knobs and Faders (Luma Glow)


Chroma Caps are a line of high quality Knobs, Caps and Encoders designed by DJ TechTools for DJs, Producers and Performers.

NEW! Luma Glow caps have 50x glow power charge faster, last longer, shine brighter!  

Completely Redesigned, More Playable Knobs

Every last detail was upgraded in the redesign to increase playability, including: rounded corners and softer rubber to increase comfort, bright colours with large clear markers for better visibility, and increased widths for a more natural grip.

Knobs You Can See In a Club

Don't kill the dancefloor cause you can't tell the gain from the EQ knob. Chroma Caps come in a wide range of bright colours including glow in dark and UV reactive blends that pop under black lights. No more needless mistakes.

Label Functions By Colour

Label functions by colour for more playable gear. It's 10X easier to tell an EQ from a filter when everything is labeled by colour. This means you can focus on the music, not the lighting, while adding a personal touch to your beloved gear.

Ease of Install

  • Chroma caps are very easy to install and require no expertise or hardware. To remove your old knobs use a small coin to lever them off without bending the shaft.

  • People commonly use Chroma caps as: DJ knobs, Mixer knobs, on DJ mixers, as replacement knobs, as Pioneer knobs, as EQ knobs, and as Potentiometer knobs. Chroma caps are great DJ Accessories

  • Faders MK2: 22mm long x 12mm wide x 14.25mm tall (improved fit for P-Lock Pioneer faders)
  • Fatty knob base diameter: 18.5mm x 16 mm tall
  • Super knob base diameter: 14.2 mm x 19.6 mm tall
  • Thin Encoders: base diameter: 14.2 mm x 19.6 mm tall

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    Shane Green
    Glow caps

    All went as it should, clear communication, fast delivery, product as discribed

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