Serato EMOJI Series 12" Control Vinyl #3 Donut/Heart (Pair) (Pair)


We're always looking at ways to show you some 💛, and with our latest record release we've unleashed some 🔥 to make the party go from 🤔 to 😍. Cop yours today. All of the Serato gifs are available for sharing on social media.

The Serato Neon Series Control Vinyl Violet features our re-mastered Serato NoiseMap™ Control Tone that is 6db louder than previous pressings, allowing for precise tracking, better vinyl wear and the most authentic feeling digital vinyl experience on the market.

Vinyl is a strange old girl. The manufacturing process - one part sweat, one part maths and one part magic, is not an exact science. While every record pressed is a high quality product and will perform flawlessly, there can be some variation in the colour throughout a run. Every record is unique.

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