Oyaide Neo

Oyaide Neo D+ Class-S Stereo RCA Cable (1M, Pair) - Made in Japan

$179.90 $225

The d+ series of audio cables are used by DJs, DTM users and audiophiles around the world to transcend genre of use and improve the quality of their systems. Combined with their stylish design, they are used at many of the world's most famous clubs and festivals. However, when the supply of the PCOCC conductor were discontinued, the former Class S series was forced to temporarily cease production.

However, its survival is now being carried on by the precision conductor "102SSC" which has been created with unprecedented precision and technology.

The d+ RCA Class S rev.2 has a new flavour and is sure to attract even more attention.

The diameter of the d+RCA class S rev.2 is 16AWG, which is the largest in the series. This suppresses the resistance of the conductor and greatly contributes to the reduction of signal loss.


  • The d+RCA class S rev.2 has the largest conductor diameter of the series at 16AWG, Less conductor resistance than Class A and less signal loss. It will make a significant contribution

  • With the 102 SSC, the clean, undistorted sound quality allows you to focus on the music, even during long hours of DJing, songwriting and listening

  • The plugs are plated with a combination of platinum and rhodium for accurate phase and excellent bandwidth balance

  • The platinum and rhodium plating is highly durable and maintains transmission performance for a long time

  • The flat design of the cable, which is instantly recognisable as "d+", avoids the transmission loss, impedance changes and capacitance changes caused by internal cable distortion when the cable is bent

  • In addition to sound quality, we've also designed an excellent motivational design, cable and plug colours that are easy to identify even in the dark

  • The d+RCA classS rev.2 series comes with a cable case

  • The cable can be easily stored in the case for easy transportation

  • It cannot be used with analog turntables, except for a few devices

  • This cable is not shielded

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