Ortofon VNL Moving Magnet DJ Cartridge for Turntablists & Portablists w/ 3x Styli IN STOCK

With their extensive experience in industrial design and technological know-how, Ortofon present the new Ortofon VNL cartridge – a model tailored uniquely to the unrelenting demands of modern turntablists and portablists. Optional Headshell available separately.


Technological improvements which have been applied for the benefits of all users include ultrasonic welding of the components ensures high rigidity and freedom from resonances, and robotic assembly of stylus assembly offers high precision and uniformity of industrial production.

To match the multiple applications of modern DJs the VNL Introduction Package includes 3 different styli with suspension types of varying feel and rigidity - VNL I Flexible, VNL II Rigid, and VNL III Firm.

DJs can easily identify which stylus type best suits their individual DJ style and enables their absolute best performance capability.

The VNL features a spherical stylus which is perfect for tough groove handling. Furthermore, it reduces record wear when scratching and back-cueing to an absolute minimum.

The broad stance of the VNL features solid and robust design elements characteristic to Ortofon, with colours meticulously selected to emphasise sturdiness and DJ aesthetics: the cartridge body has been designed to provide easy mounting and alignment on a variety of headshells.

The VNL provides excellent compatibility when used in an assortment of playback systems, ensuring it stays in the groove under the most demanding conditions.

  • VNL Cartridge with VNL I Flexible, VNL II Rigid, and VNL III Firm Styli included
  • VNL I compliance, dynamic lateral 16 μm/m N - Flexible
  • VNL II compliance, dynamic lateral 15 μm/m N - Rigid
  • VNL III compliance, dynamic lateral 14 μm/m N - Firm
  • Stylus type: Spherical
  • Tracking Force: 4.0 g
  • Output Voltage: 6 mV
  • Frequency Range: 20-20.000 Hz
  • Extra resistance to hardcore scratching and back spinning
  • High tracking performance for both DVS usage and real vinyl
  • Optimal balance of output and of sound quality

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