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Neo D+ Class B USB Type-C Cable - 2M - Made in Japan


The use of laptops equipped with USB Type-C connections, such as the Mac Book Pro, are becoming more wide-spread in the DJs and Computer music market every year. Many advanced DJs have been forced to use Type-A to Type-C conversion adapter when use existing cables. “d+ USB Type-C class B” relieves users from this stress and provides a smart and high-quality DJ environment.

To comply with a USB 2.0 standard using Type-C plugs, it was impossible to avoid thinning conductors. However, NEO have designed a new cable that ensures the maximum size for both signal and power, as to provide optimal performance in any environment. The flat cable and connector design keeps the recognisable d+ aesthetic even if the specifications change.

Durability is absolutely imperative in heavy use environments. “d+ USB Type-C class B” is produced under Oyaide NEO's thorough quality control and only those that pass rigorous testing are shipped. The cables are subjected to tests that simulate actual usage conditions such as insertion / extraction, bending resistance as well as load resistance tests, TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) tests (which are characteristic impedance tests), and temperature differences from 20 °C to 105 °C. These tests go beyond only measurements of change in shape and electrical characteristics, but also all environmental tests such as withstanding more than 80% humidity and UV irradiation tests. Only products that meet all criteria will be delivered to you.


  • 2 metres in length

  • Connector type: Type-C to Type B

  • 24K Gold plating

  • 90% braiding + Aluminium Myler shielding

  • Max speed: 480Mbps /USB2.0 (HI-SPEED)

  • Direct connection between Laptops with type-C and devices

  • The New designed Type-C Connector and the dedicated USB2.0 Cable

  • Overwhelming Quality Control for Various Environments


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Great cable

High quality item, gives me peace of mind in live situations. Looks good too! 😂

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