Mini InnoFADER PRO SP Replacement Crossfader for the Reloop Spin


This is a special version of the mini Innofader Pro that is pre-programmed to work in the Reloop Spin*. It comes with the necessary adapter cable and mounting screws.

The fader includes a mounting plate, adapter cable, and extra custom cable which allows the use of the original Spin fader to balance the Aux and Vinyl sound.

The new mini innoFADER PRO can turn any ordinary mixer or controller into a true scratch machine for minimal cost. It is available to manufacturers who want to take their products to the next level for minimal cost.

The mini innoFADER PRO offers unparalleled precision and adjustability. It can respond to DJ movements in less than a millisecond. And now the fader itself can be adjusted by controls on the front panel using innoJUSTER style controls. Previously such controls might be able to add dead space but would never go below 1mm or so. With the added controls, DJs can get the dead space down to 0.1mm for super tight and fast cuts, or go to 1mm or so for clean beat juggling.

The mini Innofader Pro comes standard with either a light tension for scratching or slightly higher tension for mixing. Other options include different stem types and height and grounded vs. ungrounded stem. Both grounded and ungrounded stems work but the grounded stems will also allow the fader to work properly even without a knob.

The Mini Innofader Pro is the ultimate replacement audio fader. It gives you an ultra precise ± 0.05mm cut-in accuracy for even tighter control of your scratches. Separate left and right cut controls make it easy to adjust without the need to recalibrate. It even has super-precise presets that allow you to do things like shift the cut point by a mere 0.04mm, less than the thickness of a human hair. The Audio Innovate Mini Innofader Pro adapter boards are already insulated and marked clearly to show you the specific one you need for your mixer.

* Please note if you have purchased have purchased a Reloop SPIN in Japan, USA, Australia or New Zealand, with a serial number beginning with RT1904xxxxx, you will need to modify the SPIN wiring prior to installing the mini Innofader Pro for Reloop SPIN.

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