JBL NANO KX Balanced Bluetooth Volume Controller for Non-Wireless Speakers


The JBL Nano KX is a Bluetooth & Analogue Audio Controller for Non-Wireless Speakers

The JBL Nano KX Bluetooth-enabled volume controller is perfect for content creators, home-recording enthusiasts as well as mobile DJs and performers who want to integrate Bluetooth into their project studio or non-Bluetooth, portable PA system. With professional analogue I/O and easy pairing of Bluetooth-enabled devices such as mobile phones and tablets, it seamlessly integrates into your production space to provide non-Bluetooth speakers with wireless playback capabilities. Plus, the easy-to-use knob allows you to control volume levels of your signal, as well as advance tracks, pause and mute devices connected via Bluetooth. Combining Bluetooth functionality, easy-to-use controls, multiple inputs and outputs and a compact, striking form factor, the JBL Nano KX is a powerful tool that enhances your production or performing process.

  • Stereo Balanced XLR / TRS Combo & 3.5mm TRS Mini Jack Inputs
  • Stereo Balanced XLR & 3.5mm TRS Mini Jack Outputs
  • Bluetooth

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