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Denon DJ X1850 PRIME Professional 4-Channel DJ Club Mixer

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The un-compromising X1850 PRIME is a DJ booth centrepiece and represents an incredible technical and creative experience in a 4-channel, pro-grade audio, mainstage DJ mixing console.

With a rugged metal construction, the X1850 is a 'mixing comfort-zone' for any DJ. It has 4-channels with multi-assignable inputs, covering every gig performance need. A 'high-visibility', 3-band EQ section offers both 'normal' and expressive 'isolation' modes. Smooth line and crossfader control handles all Pro-DJ mixing styles. The crisp OLED screen allows you to customize X1850 DJ workflow and performance settings plus access, adjust and edit 16 expressive Pro Club FX. Plus no need to sacrifice line faders with 2 independent, EQ/level controlled microphone channels with 'talkover' and Split/Cue headphone monitoring with 1/4" jack plus minijack inputs.

Add dynamic audio effects into the mix with the X1850's 4 Sweep FX, contouring frequencies with its powerful Lo/Hi pass Filter. Get creative and expressive with the X1850's 16 Pro-Club BPM FX and 'Time-Division' Touchstrip too. The X1850 brings 'FX Quantize' control to ensure all effects parameters align with your grooves!

Multi I/O, 24-bit/96kHz Prograde audio connectivity is just the start! The X1850 PRIME has a built-in LAN hub for connecting up to four 'SC' media players, carrying tempo information, ultra-fast music file transfer and StagelinQ audiovisual connections. A 5-Pin MIDI out to start/sync external gear brings even more performance flexibility. The Dual USB audio connections allow for fast, uninterrupted DJ 'handoffs' as well as easy connection to DJ software and record multi-channel audio to laptops.

X1850 Features

* 4-Channel digital mixer
* Crisp OLED screen
* Dual USB audio connections
* 2 mic inputs with eq, level and talkover
* Expressive filter & sweep FX
* Expressive EQ with classic or isolation modes
* Backlit touch strip
* Flex cross-fader with adjustable tension
* MIDI out
* 4x digital inputs
* LAN hub
* Locking IEC
* Send & Receive for external FX
* Broadcast mode sends the main output mix over USB audio channels 1 & 2 for computer applications such as OBS

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