Aiaiai TMA-2 E01 Microfibre Ear Pads (On-Ear)


Slim on-ear cushion covered in microfiber. Direct and open sound representation. Slim silhouette. Good for all-round purposes.

The E01 Low profile on-ear cushions are made from soft foam and covered with micro fibre fabric. Despite the height of just 12 mm this cushion is comfortable to wear and gives a direct and open sound representation. Good for all-round purposes. Centred sound stage and medium isolation. Height 12 mm. Outer diameter 70 mm. Inner diameter 36 mm.

The TMA-2 All-Round Preset has been configured with the all-round S01 speaker unit, which delivers a balanced sound representation suitable for all music genres. The combination of the light and sturdy H01 headband and the E01 on-ear micro fibre ear pads results in an open sound representation, and a slim, lightweight design, suitable for both on-the-go situations and home listening.

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