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Introducing the Whitelabel Cartridge, Shure"'s entry into the concorde-style cartridge market. This is the first real competition we"'ve seen to the dominant Ortofon line. The White Label is aimed specifically at today"'s hybrid club deejays, combining the high grade sound quality demanded for club use with Shure"'s legendary scratch ability and low record wear. From our testing, we"'ve found that the sound quality is comparable to the Ortofon DJ (blue)cartridge, with an output at 6.0mV, great skip resistance, and a low tracking force for minimal record wear.

The white label also makes several new improvements over other concorde-style cartridges. It is the first concord-style cartridge that allows you to adjust stylus overhang (useful for setting up on different turntables), and according to Shure, they have also developed a reliable electrical connection for the part that plugs into your tonearm. This should eliminate the eventual poor connection that may occurs with other concorde-style cartridges. For straight scratching, the M447 is still number one in terms of skip resistance, but the White Label is an excellent combination of club sound quality and scratch ability.

Suitable for: party/club
Skip Resistance: high
Output: high
Record Wear: very low
Sound Emphasis: solid drop bass with detailed mids and highs

* Integrates the head shell and cartridge into one piece
* Innovative features for today’s DJs and turntables
* The new standard for club DJs
* Cartridges perform more accurately
* Requires less tracking force to stay in the record groove
* Less destruction to record groove

Shure Whitelabel Cartridge Features

Replacement Stylus
Stylus Color
- Dark Blue
Stereo Output (1kHz at 5 cm/sec peak recorded velocity)
- 6.0 mV

Frequency Response
- 20-20,000Hz
Typical Tracking Force
- 2 grams
Tracking Force Range
- 1.5-3 grams

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