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 B&W ASW610P Active Subwoofer

The B&W ASW610P Active Subwoofer, the most powerful of the 600 Series subwoofers, delivers the finishing touch – or finishing thump – to a hi-fi or home theatre system for larger rooms. Serious bass power is developed in a compact cabinet thanks to the unit’s twin 200W amplifiers and dual voice coil, long-throw 250mm driver. Equipped with audiophile-standard Class D circuitry, the unit remains cool and efficient under pressure.

In all of the 600 Series subwoofers, the bass driver diaphragms are constructed from a rugged, finely-tuned mix of paper pulp, Kevlar® fibres and resin, which provides the stiffness needed to withstand the tremendous physical forces exerted by the voice coil and pressures inside the cabinet.

Ultra-solid construction delivers slamming bass, drum kicks, and special movie effects. Deformation is minimised; bass precision, power and enjoyment are maximised.

 B&W ASW610P Active Subwoofer Features

    * Drive Unit:  250mm (10??) paper/Kelvar® cone long-throw
    * Frequency Range:  -6dB at 18Hz and 25/140Hz adjustable (EQ at A)
    * Frequency Response:  ±3dB 25Hz – 40/140Hz adjustable (EQ at A)
    * Bass Extension – Position A:  -6dB at 18Hz
    * Bass Extension – Position B:  -6dB at 23Hz
    * Bass Extension – Position C:  -6dB at 28Hz
    * Power Output:  500W
    * Rated Power Consumption:  98W / 1W standby
    * Input Impedance:  33kΩ
    * Signal / Noise:  >90dB
    * Inputs: Line In (RCA Phono), Speaker in (binding post), 12v trigger (3.5mm jack), low-pass filter and active 4-th order, variable cut-off frequency
    * Dimensions (H x W x D):  325mm x 325mm x 375mm (not including feet)
    * Weight:  15.5kg
    * Finishes:  Black Ash, Light Oak, Red Cherry, Wengé

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