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Mixars' newly upgraded DUO MK II now boasts the exclusive high performance Galileo crossfader, co-developed by Pro X Fade! 

Mixars' newly upgraded DUO MK II now boasts the exclusive high performance Galileo crossfader, co-developed by Pro X Fade! This next-level Japanese-made fader features super sharp cut-in time with curve adjustment and reverse to suit all your cutting and scratching needs. With an extra thick, 8mm fader stem, sloped for a better grip, and durable conductive plastic technology, the Galileo is built to last. Like the original DUO, the MK II is designed with Serato DJ + DVS users in mind. With an integrated 24-bit/96kHz soundcard, 8 x RGB backlit performance pads for triggering cue points, loops, rolls, and samplers, push encoder for track browsing, push-encoders for looping and effects control - the DUO MK II is a complete solution for Serato DJ users. In addition, the DUO is also fully MIDI mappable, so you can map all the controls to MIDI however you prefer. Professional outputs include XLR master output, TRS balanced booth output, and RCA Rec out, while a built-in USB hub provides 2 additional connections for other USB devices such as MIDI controllers or hard drives. Finally, the front panel boasts a combo mic input and RCA Aux for easy access.

Duo MKII Key Features

* 2-channel battle style mixer designed for Serato DJ + DVS
* upgraded w/ exclusive GALILEO crossfader co-designed by Pro X Fade
* integrated 24-bit/96kHz audio interface
* 8 RGB rubber pads for controlling cues + samples
* fully MIDI mappable
* analog hi/low filter on each channel
* push encoders for track browsing, looping + effects
* 2 port USB hub for connecting controllers or hard drives
* balanced XLR outputs, TRS booth out + RCA Record out
* easy access combo mic + AUX input on front panel
* built-in universal power supply
* Windows + Mac compatible

Duo MKII Specs

* 2-channel mixer
* Serato DJ + DVS enabled out of the box
* custom crossfader w/ super sharp performance, curve adjustment + reverse
* built in 24-bit/96kHz audio interface
* switchable line/phono input per channel
* 3 band EQ, trim + hi/low filter per channel
* 2 port USB hub
* all controls send MIDI for mapping in any MIDI software
* balanced XLR outputs
* 1/4” TRS booth output
* RCA record output
* combo mic + AUX input
* 8 x RGB performance pads
* dedicated sampler volume control
* Serato DJ loop + effects control

* Dimensions: 16 x 15 x 7 / 406 x 381 x 177mm
* Weight: 11 lbs. / 4.98 kg.
* Includes power cable and USB cable


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