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Numark NV II Totally Comprehensive Control for Serato DJ

Step up to the Numark NV II controller and experience a whole new level of control over Serato DJ. This powerhouse DJ controller offers you a comprehensive set of hands-on controls covering all of Serato DJ's major functions, plus a pair of 4.3 full-color displays that give essential information for beat matching, browsing, and more - you'll never need to look at your laptop! A pair of redesigned dual-zone platters offer consistent performance in any environment, while touch-sensitive knobs make tweaking EQs and manipulating Serato DJ's awesome effects across four decks as smooth as possible. And speaking of Serato DJ, the Numark NV II comes with a full copy of Serato DJ, plus a killer collection of studio-grade stems from Toolroom Records.

Numark NV II Digital DJ Controller at a Glance

* Browse and beat-match with dual color displays

* Fully loaded with ingenious hands-on controls

* Bundled with Serato DJ and a whole lot more 


Browse and beat-match with dual colour displays

The Numark NV II lets you take advantage of every aspect of Serato DJ, without so much as glancing at your laptop. A pair of real-time, full-color displays show everything from track status and waveforms to effects, hot cues, and more. There are a couple of major improvements introduced with the NV II that the DJs here at Sweetwater picked up on right away. First, there's the updated browsing system, which includes five columns (song, artist, time, BPM, and key) and allows you to sort tracks with three simultaneous criteria. If you're managing a massive music library, this function is a must-have. Also, the displays now include a beat grid, making it easier than ever to beat-match with pin-point accuracy. 

Fully loaded with ingenious hands-on controls

When it comes to staying in the zone, nothing beats a great set of hands-on controls, like the ones you get with the Numark NV II. Whether you live and die by your platters, or your fingers like to dance across a proper set of performance pads, the NV II delivers the tactile performance tools you need. Touch-sensitive knobs spring to life under your fingertips, and deal-zone wheels provide consistent performance, night after night. With 10 operation modes, the NV II's set of 16 velocity-sensitive trigger pads make everything from beat juggling to free-form sample triggering a blast, and dedicated effects sections let you add some action to your sound. And as logically as Numark laid out the NV II, you'll have an easier time managing four decks with it than two decks with a traditional DJ controller. 

Bundled with Serato DJ and a whole lot more

The Numark NV II isn't just a great Serato DJ controller, it was totally designed around Serato DJs, taking full advantage of their feedback to provide you with responsive controls, LED state indicators, and fully detailed color display screens. So it only makes sense that the NV II comes standard with a full copy of Serato DJ, complete with all the mixing, slicing, looping, cueing, flipping, and scratching capabilities it includes, plus killer iZotope effects. But that's not all - the Numark also teamed up with Toolroom Records to provide you with a full catalog of studio-grade stems you can use to create cool new compositions of your own. Talk about a killer DJ setup! 

Numark NV II Digital DJ Controller Features 

* 4 decks of Serato DJ software control in a sleek, low-profile design with stunning visual feedback

* A pair of integrated full-color real-time displays lets you focus on the music, without looking at your laptop

* Upgraded onscreen browsing includes a 5-column layout with 3-column sorting to make browsing fast

* Track display includes a beat grid to make beat-matching as intuitive as possible

* Dedicated hardware controls for all critical software functions make mixing as intuitive as it gets

* Intelligent touch-activated knobs provide smooth and accurate control of filters, EQ, and more

* 2 x 5 dual-zone metal platters with adaptive learning technology deliver perfect response in any environment

* 16 velocity-sensitive, RGB backlit trigger pads provide hot cues, loop slicing, and sample triggering, and more

* Dedicated 3-way touch-activated Filter knobs on each channel offer Filter, Filter FX, and Filter Roll functions

* Dedicated effects controls let you grab hold of Serato DJ's 12 powerful iZotope effects

* Mouse-less library browsing controls with dedicated on-screen feedback make track selection easy

* Sync buttons lock your tracks together, or you can use the integrated BPM metering for manual beat-matching

* Pro-grade crossfader with Fader Start and curve adjustment feels great and adds to your flow

* Built-in professional 16-bit USB 2.0 audio interface offers all of the audio connectivity you need

* Includes Serato DJ software (via download), Toolroom Remix Pack (via download), USB cable, and power cable

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