Oyaide Neo

Oyaide Neo D+ Class B USB-A Cable + Stereo RCA Cable Set 1M - Made in Japan


The Neo Oyaide D+ Class B USB Cable includes 2 x Neo d+ Class-B Stereo RCA Cable 1M, 1 x Neo d+ Class-B USB Type A Cable 1M, 1 x Neo d+ Cable Bag

Innovative and colorful RCA and USB cables designed by DJs for DJs - Ideal for Serato and Traktor!

Oyaide Electric is a Japanese based company that takes pride in manufacturing high-quality cables and components. The Neo Oyaide D+ Class B USB Cables have been specially designed for DJs, using vital feedback from well-known artists and clubs. Simply connect your DJ mixer and favorite DJ equipment, such as CDJs or digital DJ systems with Oyaide d+ RCA series cables, and take advantage of the enhanced sound quality. 

Neo Oyaide D+ Class B USB Cable

The Neo Oyaide D+ Class B USB Cable series are high-quality USB cables geared for computer based music production and digital DJ systems. Now with the increasing number of DJs that are performing live with their laptops and digital DJ systems like SERATO DJ and TRAKTOR, this is the perfect time to address stability in these systems. The unique flat cable design prevents the signal loss caused by cable bend, change of impedance and electrostatic capacitance, while the carefully adjusted impedance matching and improved connection contacts help provide a smooth and lossless data transmission.

Neo d+ Series Class B RCA Cable Features:

* 24K Gold plated terminals

* Designed for laptop DJ systems and CDJs

* Reduces distortion and signal loss from MP3 audio files

* Improve the sound image of digital DJ software like SCRATCH and TRAKTOR

Boost your digital sound to optimal performance, order today.

 Neo Oyaide D+ Class B USB Cable Features:

* 24K gold plated bronze alloy terminals

* Innovative flat cable design helps prevent signal loss

* Increases stability in both mobile and studio USB audio systems

* Made from select high-quality materials

Don’t be caught with transmission losses, order the d+ USB series cables today.

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