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The Sennheiser HD8 DJ Over-Ear headphone is one of the most exclusive Sennheiser headphones in its category. The headphones' design and features are based on the inspiring and highly popular Sennheiser HD-25s which are created for the most demanding users in professional environments. The Sennheiser HD8 DJ headphones have been design in collaboration with some of the most influencial DJs around the world. The HD8 produces an amazing sound reproduction and is focusing on the rhythm and beat matching, which really is one of the elements that are the key for pros in the scene. One of the great other features is that you are able to swivel the ears cups up to 210 degrees which is essential for on-ear monitoring when you are behind your turntable. The 210 degrees are possible due to the iconic metal pivot rings which are inside the Sennheiser HD8 DJ. Furthermore, the ear cushions are amazingly soft and will always provide a perfect fit so you can have them on for hour's without even noticing it. The other beneficial part of the cushions is that they eleminate background noise. This way it doesn't matter where you are, you are always able to enjoy the crystal clear sound of the headphones. In conclusion, The Sennheiser HD8 DJ is one of the serious headphones on the market and are designed for those who take their music seriously.

Sennheiser HD8 DJ Features

The Sennheiser HD8 DJ headphone has some amazing specifications, so we will walk you through them real quick. The headphone had an impedance of 95 Ohm and is equipped with a frequency response between 8 and 30.000 Hz. The sound pressure level (SPL) is around 115 decibel and the total harmonic distortion is less than 0.1 percent. The contact pressure of the Sennheiser HD8 DJ is 6.3 N. As stated before, the ear coupling is circumaural which is really beneficial for when you're behind the turntable in loud environments. The headphone has a 3.5mm jack plug connection and is delivered with a cable length of 1.5 - 3 meters (straight). The weight of the HD8 with cable is 284 grams so it is also easy to travel with or to do long night sessions.

Sennheiser HD8 DJ Specifications

  • Made from durable metal parts with a high quality
  • Excellent sound reproduction across the audible range because of its great acoustics system
  • Circumaural design, minimize background noise, even in extremely loud environments
  • Swiveling ear cups, including three wearing positions
  • 95 ohm impedance so that it is compatible with all DJ equipment
  • Single-sided coiled cable can be attached to either ear cup; straight cable included (both up to 3m)
  • Comes with a solid protection case
  • Warranty: 2 years 

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