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Pioneer CDJ 900 Nexus Digital Multi Player - PRE-ORDER

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The Pioneer CDJ 900 Nexus is one of the results of the trend that Pioneer launches a new top-segment version every few years. This trend is also being continued with the Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS2 and the Pioneer CDJ 900. With the launch of the Pioneer CDJ 900 Nexus, the Nexus collection is almost complete. The media player enables you to use a broad range of music sources. Is does not matter if you use CDs or music from an USB stick/drive, the CDJ-900 plays it all. With the software, you can also play music from your computer or wireless device. On top of that, the player has a broad range of qualitative effects and loop possibilities, which enables you to lift your mixes to a higher platform. The Pioneer CDJ 900 Nexus is therefore one of the new standards in the DJ industry.

The Nexus Name

With the extensive product range that Pioneer has built in the high segment, more and more possibilities are available. The well-known Nexus name represents extensive functionalities and integration. One of the examples is the wireless PRO DJ LINK function, where Beatsync has been included as well. Fragile cables make room for wireless communication. With the included Rekordbox software and the free App which you can download for mobile devices, you can make playlists, capture Hot Cues, analyse tracks on BPM, keys and tags. This way your can prepare your total DJ set on laptop, smartphones and tablets and wireless send to your Pioneer CDJ 900 Nexus.

Pioneer CDJ 900 Nexus | Color LCD Screen

One of most striking changes compared to the Pioneer CDJ 900, is the full colour LCD screen. Browsing through your music library or CDs is way easier now because of the big screen. You can search via lists, the virtual CD and record covers in order to find a particular album. You are also able to create your own search settings to make it even easier to find what you are looking for. You can make your choice with the big knob. The total wave shape is also displayed on the screen to make it easier to find the important parts of a song. Once you find the part you are looking for, you can zoom in as well with Wave Zoom, so you can create real accurate loops and Hot Cues.This way, Beatgrid changes are easy to make. New Functionalities The Pioneer CDJ 900 Nexus has Beat Divide knobs at the top which enable you to divide the track in different sections and put them in a loop. You can combine this function with Slip mode, so you will end up at the right part of the track when you disable the loop function. The same goes for scratching with the big touch sensitive Jogwheels. The Slip mode makes sure the tracks still runs (silently) during loops, scratches or reverse, so you end up at the part of the song you would have been without the effects.


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