Behringer DJX750 Pro DJ Mixer

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 Own the Night with the Behringer DJX750 Pro Mixer

Need an analog DJ mixer for your dance club? Don?t want to settle for some run-of-the-mill DJ desk you?ll outgrow in just a few weeks? The new Behringer DJX750 Pro Dj Mixer merges intuitive operation with built-in digital effects processing for clean, transparent sound that will set your dance floor on fire! Because your voice is your instrument, the Behringer DJX750 Pro Dj Mixer features a dedicated mic channel with all the tools to make your sound supremely distinctive. Vocal fine-tuning is handled by the onboard 3-band EQ, which provides up to 15 dB of boost or cut at LOW (80 Hz), MID (2.5 k), and HIGH (12 kHz) frequency centers ? creating an extremely broad tonal palette.

 Not Just a DJX700 Dressed in Black!

DJs the world over love the Behringer DJX750 Pro Dj Mixer and we are grateful that so many have made it their ?go-to? mixer. So when we began design on the DJX750, we knew we had to do something very special. We started by revving up the FX processor and putting advanced parameter control right at your fingertips.
No longer are you confined to rigid presets that limit your creativity. With the Behringer DJX750 Pro Dj Mixer, you can change FX parameters on-the-fly, pushing your performance to the next level. In no time you?ll be creating powerful sets with your own custom-tailored effects sounds, all of which can be controlled in real-time. Some parameters at your disposal include Bit Crusher depth, manual filter sweeps, Panning (LFO Rate), delay/echo time and much more. You can even set delay and echo timing relative to the internal BPM counter for extremely musical results. It is kinda like a DJX700 but one on steroids!

Really good digital effects add the finishing touch to a solid performance, and ours are really good! With 33 outstanding effects to choose from, including an assortment of Phase Shifters, Flangers, Reverbs, Delays and more, your audience won?t know what hit them. There are even Auto Filter and Voice Changer effects that will take your show to a whole new level.

 Channels Galore

Because your voice is your instrument, the Behringer DJX750 Pro Dj Mixer features a dedicated mic channel with all the tools to make your sound supremely distinctive. Vocal fi ne-tuning is handled by the onboard 3-band EQ, which provides up to 15 dB of boost or cut at LOW (80 Hz), MID (2.5 k), and HIGH (12 kHz) frequency centers creating an extremely broad tonal palette. The Behringer DJX750 Pro Dj Mixer stereo channels EQ utilize the same frequency centers with a boost of up to 12 dB and a cut of as much as -32dB. These channels are equipped to handle every conceivable input source ? from line level, phono, CD and tape decks to mp3 and minidisk players, we?ve got you covered.

 Auto Ducking

Behringer DJX750 Pro Dj Mixer its talkover function automatically detects your voice and brings down the volume of the music track (referred to as ?ducking?), so your voice is always out front ? you can even set this level to your own personal preference. Auto BPM Counter Sync?ing up tracks is an art unto itself ? that?s why we gave the Behringer DJX750 Pro Dj Mixer dual Auto BPM Counters. This cool feature helps take the guess work out of making a smooth transition from one track to the next. Each BPM counter?s digital display shows which channel it is tracking and the tempo of the music in beats per minute. Optionally, you can push the Beat Assist button in time with the song to manually enter the tempo. You get a read out of the tempo diff erence between the tracks, as well as a visual confirmation when they are in sync. These tools will help you seamlessly align two tracks ? without having to rely solely on your ears.

 Crossfader & Channel Faders

All of our super-smooth faders are of the high-grade 45-mm ULTRAGLIDE variety. Faders are, after all, the heart and soul of every mixer, and with their 500,000 cycle life expectancy (that?s 275 fades per night, per fader for five years without a break!), they outperform standard faders more than twenty-to-one. And since the crossfader uses VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifi er) technology, there is virtually no audio noise. For those of you who prefer customized crossfading, the Behringer DJX750 Pro Dj Mixer also includes our CF Curve control, which lets you set the crossfader?s control characteristic just the way you like it. It is, after all, your show!


Making music larger than life is what it?s all about and the Behringer DJX750 Pro Dj Mixer comes through on this in a big way. XPQ 3D Surround widens the stereo field, giving it immense depth and a stereo image that is full of life, with amazingly transparent sound. You determine the intensity of this stunning effect with a simple twist of the Surround control ? from barely noticeable to supremely spectacular.

 Sound Quality

None of the above-mentioned features would amount to much if the DJX750 didn?t sound truly remarkable. That?s why we equip each one with our tried-and-true ULN (Ultra Low-Noise) preamps: what comes in comes out, with nothing added. So you get maximum headroom, extremely low noise and ultra-transparent sound. Compare it to the competition for sound quality, features and value and you?ll see why more and more DJs ?own the night? with their Behringer DJX750 Pro Dj Mixer.

 Monitor Multi-tasking

You can?t put on much of a show if you can?t hear what you?re mixing! That?s why we didn?t cut any corners on Behringer DJX750 Pro Dj Mixer its monitor section. When the monitor Mode switch is in the ?Split? position, you hear the PFL (Pre-Fader Level) output on the left side of your phones, and the Master signal on your right. If you prefer working in ?Stereo? mode, you can turn the MIX control fully counterclockwise to hear the channel PFL signal in both sides of your headphones, fully clockwise for the Master output, or you can ?mix? both signals by adjusting the control to anywhere in-between. You can listen to one or multiple sources, and LEDs light up to indicate what you?re listening to.

 Compose. Record. Mix. Share.

TRACKTION 4 puts the fun back into the creative process, so we?re including it free of charge with select BEHRINGER products. This powerful, yet easy-to-use music production software is unlike anything you?ve seen before, putting everything you?ll need on your desktop, on a single-screen ? without the sea of drop down and hidden menus common to most other DAWs. And TRACKTION doesn?t limit the number of tracks you can record, or the number of effects you can use. In fact, the only limitation is your Mac or PC computer?s processing power. Recording and editing couldn?t be easier; simply drag, drop, cut, copy or paste. Once your magnum opus is finished, share it with other ?Tracktioneers? so they can listen, collaborate and edit.

Here are just a few of TRACKTION 4?s outstanding features:

  • Native FX plug-ins ranging from dynamics to modulation, reverb and more
  • Support for available third party AU, VST and VSTi plug-ins
  • Mix Automation
  • Safe Record
  • Loop Recording
  • 64-bit, 192 kHz Mix Engine
  • Audio Clip manipulation
  • MIDI Editor
  • Filters ? Volume / Pan, Level Meter, 4-Band EQ, Aux Send & Return and FX
  • Export to a variety of formats such as .wav, .aif, and .mp3


  • Professional 5-channel ultra-low noise DJ mixer with stylish, black design
  • State-of-the-art digital effects with advanced parameter control
  • Intelligent dual auto-BPM counter with time and beat sync display
  • Super-smooth Ultraglide faders with up to 500,000 life cycles
  • Awesome adjustable XPQ stereo surround effect
  • VCA-controlled crossfader for utmost reliability and smooth audio performance
  • Adjustable crossfader curve for all mixing styles
  • 3-band kill EQ (-32 dB) and precise level meters with peak hold function per channel
  • Additional 3-way kill switches with extremely steep frequency separation
  • Monitor function with master/cue balance control and split option
  • Auto-talkover function with separate depth control
  • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

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