Serato DJ CLUB KIT Software License

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The Serato DJ Club Kit includes Serato DJ Pro and the Serato DVS Expansion Pack and works plug-and-play with supported hardware in the club 

Serato DJ Club Kit Currently Supported Mixers:

  • Denon DJ X1800 Prime
  • Pioneer DJ DJM-850
  • Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS
  • Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2
  • Allen & Heath Xone:DB2
  • Allen & Heath Xone:DB4
  • Allen & Heath Xone:43C
  • Rane MP2015  

    Serato DJ Club Kit is a license bundle that includes a Serato DJ Pro license and a Serato DVS Expansion Pack license. If you already own both of these licenses then you will be able to connect to Club Kit hardware and use DVS. If you only own a Serato DJ license, you will still be able to connect to Club Kit hardware and use CDJs in HID mode, or MIDI map features for use with Internal mode. If you don't own these licenses but wish to test Club Kit hardware, you can either start a free 14 day Serato DJ trial, or purchase the Club Kit.

    The Serato DJ Club Kit is the latest addition to Serato’s brand new collection of software kits and will be available alongside a forthcoming release of Serato DJ.

     By purchasing the Serato DJ Club Kit you will now be able to use Serato DJ with supported mixers without the need for an external sound card interface.

    It's also the most affordable way of getting both a Serato DJ and DVS Expansion Pack license. 

    Supported mixers are the Pioneer DJM850, 900NXS and the Allen & Heath DB2, DB4 and 43C. The Serato DJ Club Kit is perfect for these users who want a simple plug-and-play solution in the club.

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