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Road Ready RRCDJ3000 Single Case for Pioneer CDJ-3000

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The Road Ready RRCDJ3000 Single Case is created for straight-up durability to protect your Pioneer CDJ-3000. The Road Ready Single Case for Pioneer is one tough cookie. A rugged case, the RRCDJ3000 is designed with brawn and brains, and features an unique removable front panel for easy access, a rear access cable port for no hassle connections. Quick, Smart, Simple and 100% Road Ready. 

The popular Road Read RRCDJ3000 case it is built tough for the rigours of professional touring and meet a demanding ATA300 quality rating. Featuring double-anchor industrial rivets, beefy, stackable ball corners, recessed industrial grade latches and handles and premium 3/8 vinyl laminated plywood construction.  Highly recommended.

Road Ready RRCDJ3000 Materials

The Road Ready RRCDJ2000 MKII case has been made out of solid wood and has a robust aluminium profile. The ball corners are created in a way that makes it easy to stack everything and provide a better protection against for shocks and vibration. Furthermore, the CDJ case has been equipped with butterfly locks to close the cover properly and a handle to easily bring the case with you. In conclusion, protect your valuable equipment now with the Road Ready RRCDJ3000 case!

Main Specification

* Stackable ball corners
* Handles: spring loaded
* Rubber feet
* Vinyl laminated Plywood
* Lifetime warranty
* Weight: 10 kg

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