Rane SEVENTY-TWO Mixer for Serato DJ X Pioneer PLX-1000 Turntable DJ Package

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A premium DJ package combining a Rane SEVENTY-TWO 2-Channel Mixer for Serato DJ with 4.3" Interactive Touch Screen, with a pair of Pioneer PLX-1000 Direct-Drive DJ turntables.

This is a premium DJ turntable package for Serato DVS based scratch and hip-hop DJ mixing including a pair of the Pioneer PLX-1000 professional direct-drive turntables and a Rane SEVENTY-TWO 2-Channel Mixer for Serato DJ with 4.3" Interactive Touch Screen and built-in interface for Serato DJ Pro. Optional Cartridges and Road Cases are also available separately.

Rane Seventy-Two Serato Performance Mixer Key Features

* 2-channel performance mixer w/ advanced Serato DJ Pro control + FX
* full color touchscreen w/ moving-wave display, X/Y FX control, song selection + user customizations
*Mag Three contactless tension-adjustable crossfader + channel faders w/ reverse, contour + cut-in adjustment
*chain-integrated Serato software effect control plus one internal FLEX effect per channel (11 Flex FX effects total)
* die-cast aluminum FX paddles with 180-degree rotation
* 8x multi-function trigger pads w/ 4 Pad FX + 14 Pad Modes
* 16x Akai Pro MPC performance pads w/ RGB backlight, adjustable threshold + aftertouch
* 3-band isolator EQ's + high-pass/low-pass filter per channel
* dual USB connections for easy DJ handoffs + simultaneous performance
* assignable USB controller inputs for Rane TWELVE motorized control turntable
* session in/out for team practice + routines
* unlocks Serato DVS w/ included control vinyl, Serato Pitch n Time DJ expansion also included
* heavy duty solid-steel + aluminum casing

"Featuring a full color touchscreen interface, stackable Serato and Flex FX, plus the ultimate in expressive playback control via eight multi-function trigger pads, the Rane Seventy-Two redefines the scope and possibilities for Pro, Club and Scratch DJ/Turntablists." - Rane

Pioneer PLX 1000 Features

* High-torque direct drive (33 1⁄3 rpm in 0.3 seconds)
* Classic DJ turntable layout
* Removable power, ground and phono cables 
* S-shaped tone arm
* Multiple tempo control options: ±8%, ±16% and ±50%
* Tempo reset button 
* Solid build for excellent vibration damping 
* Professional-grade gold-plated RCA jacks
* Rubber-lined tone arm to improve isolation and prevent feedback

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