Original SHURE M44-7 Turntablist Cartridge (Optional Headshell) LIMITED STOCK

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Shure M44-7 - the undisputed king of scratch cartridges - limited stock remaining!

The undisputed king of scratch cartridges, the Shure M447 is one of the most reliable and skip-resistant cartridges on the market. When set up properly and broken in, it will stick to the groove better than anything else we've encountered. The proof is in the users, and just about every big name is the scratch dj world swears by the M447. The M44-7 also boasts a very low tracking force, which translates into minimum record wear.

The sound output from the M447 features great bass and a loud 9.5mV output. Overall, you can"'t do much better than this for DJing purposes. Highly Recommended.

These cartridges must be broken-in. Please use for at least 2 weeks for maximum performance and skip-resistance.

Features and Specifications

• Shure unique wide-diameter Type S cantilever
• Tracking force: 1.5 to 3.0 grams,
• Output: 9.5 mV
• Resonant and powerful sound
• Skip Resistance: ultra high
• Output: ultra high
• Record Wear: ultra low
• Sound Emphasis: big bass
• Tone Arm Mount: standard 1/2 inch
• Cartridge Type: moving magnet
• Recommended Load: 47 kilohms in parallel with 450pf
• Frequency Response: Essentially flat from 20 to 17,000 Hz
• Stereo Channel Balance: within 2 dB
• Channel Separation: 1 kHz: 20dB
• Weight: 6,7 grams
• Height: 15,9 mm

• N44-7 Replacement Needle, Single, with Box, User Guide

Accessories Included
• Attached flip-down Stylus Guard
• Headshell Screwdriver (Phillips)
• Extra Set of 4 Headshell Wires (4-99)
• Stylus Cleaning Brush
• Headshell Weight (3 grams)
• User Guide
• Mounting hardware
• Stylus guard

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