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Pioneer DDJ-SR2 2-Channel Controller for Serato DJ Pro X RM-05 Monitors Package

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An excellent Pioneer DJ package system for the beginner or professional digital DJ - including a Pioneer DDJ-SR2 controller for Serato DJ Pro (full software version) with a pair of reference class Pioneer RM-05 HD Co-axial 5" monitor speakers and a pair of Proel XLR cables.

The Pioneer DDJ-SR2 is a Serato DJ Enabled and Serato DVS Upgrade Ready controller

The Pioneer DDJ-SR2 improves on its predecessor by adding Key Sync, Key Shift and Pitch Play controls, RGB pads and DVS upgrade ready support. It inherits the familiar layout, with two channels, four deck control, 8 performance pads and dedicated filter and FX controls. It has two phono/line inputs and XLR, TRS and RCA outputs.

Pioneer DJ have upgraded one of their popular Serato DJ controllers to create the 2-channel DDJ-SR2. You can use the new dedicated controls to get hands on with the latest features in Serato DJ, including the Pitch ‘n Time DJ Expansion Pack, with Key Shift, Key Sync and Pitch Play controls. The lightweight and portable Pioneer DDJ-SR2 is Serato DVS Upgrade Ready (licence available separately), making it one of the most compact DVS-ready controllers1 that enables perfect harmonic control using Serato DJ.

The Pioneer DDJ-SR2 inherits design traits and features from our professional DJ gear, including multicoloured Performance Pads that give you instant feedback on pad modes and playing statuses, plus generous space between faders, buttons and knobs for comfortable, intuitive mixing and scratching. Thanks to the high-quality aluminium-finish top panel and jog wheels, the controller is approximately 18 per cent lighter than its predecessor, so you can easily take it wherever you go.

To help you get the most out of the controller, the Serato DJ Enabled DDJ-SR2 comes bundled with the Pitch ‘n Time DJ Expansion Pack. Pitch ‘n Time DJ allows you to shift and sync the key of your tracks as well as increase and decrease BPM to extreme tempos while retaining the original key of the music. This means you can maintain perfect key while mixing, cutting and scratching any combination of tracks.

Pioneer DDJ-SR2 Key Features

Serato DJ Enabled
Serato DVS Upgrade Ready
Pitch "'N Time DJ bundled (license in the box)
Now with Key Sync, Key Shift and Pitch Play controls
16 RGB Performance pads
Four Deck control
XLR, TRS and RCA outputs
2 Phone/Line inputs
Run via external power supply or USB powered

Pioneer DJ is drawing on its rich heritage in speaker design to launch the RM Series coaxial active reference monitor speakers for the professional studio.

The RM-05 and speakers are packed with pro-audio technology to deliver a high SPL and a neutral sound with clear separation across the frequencies – making them the ideal companion for near-field studio monitoring of high-res sounds.

The RM Series’ uses a coaxial driver unit from Pioneer pro-audio brand TAD to ensure audio from the tweeter and woofer emanates from the same point for a more accurate sound. The aramid fibre woofers and front-loaded bass reflex system with grooved ducts ensure a clean bass, while the aluminium hard domed tweeter has been optimised to deliver rousing high frequencies of up to 50 kHz.

The rigid die-cast aluminium cabinets are designed to look and sound superb – featuring curved contours to eliminate resonance, and a proprietary acoustic tube to reduce standing waves and ensure the quality of the low to mid ranges. The speakers also boast a three-band EQ and multiple inputs, giving producers the ultimate flexibility and simplicity in any environment.

On top, this monitor is equipped with custom-designed class AB bi-amps to ensure balance across the frequencies and an exclusive toroidal transformer power source that guarantees excellent S/N ratio and no distortion. Last but not least, a clip indicator on the front of the speaker protects the unit from excessive input.


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