B&W ASW610 Active Subwoofer | 200 Watt

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 ASW610 Active Subwoofer

The B&W ASW610 Active Subwoofer presents a very happy medium between the more diminutive B&W ASW610 Active Subwoofer and the all-out power of the ASW610XP. Its long-throw 250mm driver allows the ASW610 to move the large volumes of air needed for high-quality low-frequency output, and its audiophile-standard 200W Class D amplifier keeps the compact unit running cool, even when the music or movie action is whipping up a storm.

In all of the 600 Series subwoofers, the bass driver diaphragms are constructed from a rugged, finely-tuned mix of paper pulp, Kevlar® fibres and resin, which provides the stiffness needed to withstand the tremendous physical forces exerted by the voice coil and pressures inside the cabinet.

Ultra-solid construction delivers slamming bass, drum kicks, and special movie effects. Deformation is minimised; bass precision, power and enjoyment are maximised.

 B&W 600 Series 

The 600 Series is a bit of a star. Every edition since it first appeared has swept up rave reviews and product of the year awards, and trumped expectations of performance and design from speakers in the affordable price range. This, the fourth generation of the 600 Series, features improved drive units, minimalist crossovers and a whole new design.   Designed for hi-fi and home cinema, the 600 Series offers extraordinary value for money: advanced B&W technologies, award-winning performance and outstanding design at an inconspicuous price. 

B&W ASW610 Active Subwoofer Features

    * Paper/ Kevlar® long- throw driver
    * 200w ICEpower® amplifier
    * ø250mm (10) Paper/ Kevlar® cone woofer
    * Amplifier:  200W ICEpower®
    * Frequency Response:  27Hz – 40/140Hz ±3dB adjustable (EQ at A)
    * Frequency Range:  -6dB @ 20Hz and 25/140 Hz adjustable (EQ at A)
    * Line input (RCA phono)
    * Speaker input (binding post)
    * Dimensions (H x W x D):  310mm x 310mm x 375mm
    * Weight:  12.5kg
    * Finishes:  Black Ash, Light Oak, Red Cherry, Wengé

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