InnoFADER PNP2 for Rane 72 Replacement Crossfader


This special version of the Innofader PNP2 which also comes with holes in the stem and adapters for fit the Rane 72. All adapter plates, stems, and the magic adapter board for working in the Rane 72 are included.

Welcome to the ultimate combination of simplicity and second generation performance. The innoFADER PNP2 offers the following to give you the ultimate scratch:

*  1msec response
* 0.1mm cut in / out overlap
*  separate left / right cut point adjustments 0.0mm to 2.6mm
*  Simple reversible cable hookup
*  Full range curve adjust
*  Tension Control
*  output reverse, cut point fine tuning, and X/Y presets
*  External adjustability using the innoJUSTER
*  Reloop Elite / Numark Scratch compatible (Note 1)

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