PIONEER CDJ-200S CD/MP3 player

PIONEER CDJ-200S CD/MP3 player
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PIONEER CDJ-200S CD/MP3 Player with 3.9" Jog Dial, Tempo Slider, and Digital Jog Break Effects.

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Easy MP3 Playback with Remix Features

This affordable CDJ-200 is an awesome pick for the MP3 DJ! This compact tabletop CD/MP3 player offers up three remix assist functions — Jet, Zip, and Wah — plus a Digital Jog Break Dial, so you've got remixing possibilities in the palm of your hand. Beyond that, the Pioneer Pro DJ CDJ-200 features a large 3.9" jog dial for pitch bends, frame searches, and super-fast searches. There's also a slider onboard the Pioneer Pro DJ CDJ-200 for easy tempo adjustment.

Pioneer Pro DJ CDJ-200 CD/MP3 Player at a Glance:

* Compact Player Plays Back MP3s From CD
* Cool Remix Functions Onboard

Compact Player Plays Back MP3s From CD

The slim CDJ-200 from Pioneer Pro DJ packs in a surprising amount of features. This MP3 player is ready to play back MP3 files from your CD-R and CD-RW discs. It'll also display CD TEXT on CD TEXT-support discs.

Remix Functions Onboard

Equipped with 3 remix assist functions (Jet, Zip and Wah) and a Digital Jog Break dial, the CDJ-200 lets you do cool remix functions on the fly. By operating the jog dial in time with the music, you can create original sound effects. Use the Pioneer Pro DJ CDJ-200's precision tempo slider for easy tempo adjustments.

Pioneer Pro DJ CDJ-200 CD/MP3 Player Features:

* Tabletop MP3 CD Player

* Plays Back CD-R and CD-RW Discs

* 3.9" Jog Dial

* 3 Remix Assist Functions (Jet, Zip, and Wah)

* 3.9" Long Tempo-adjustment Slider with Digital Display

* Real-time Seamless Loop Feature

* Reloop Feature

* Can Connect Two CDJ-200 Units for Relay Play

* Supports CD Text on CD Text-supported Discs

Approximate Weight 10.0kg

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